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 I was extremely honored, incredibly moved and truly touched to receive such an important award "Teacher of the Year 2014". Though I must admit I wasn't expecting this nomination at all. I'm earnestly grateful for the recognition I have received for my work through your marvelous speech.
       Thinking back upon how I arrived there, it is impossible for me to fully acknowledge all of those who have influenced, inspired, prepared and supported me along the way. I'd like to start by thanking my dear parents without whom I wouldn't be what I am today. My father who passed away would have been so proud! I think I would never get that far without them and without some extraordinary teachers. Because of their greatness, I will be graced with their presence all my life. I just admire them for they instilled in me values, knowledge and dreams.
       Beyond those persons, there is my outstanding Inspector; Mr Louznadji for whom I have deep respect and many amazing and hard-working teachers.  I have been continually impressed by all the seminars prepared. The opportunity to share in positively ways to improve education is always a valuable addiction. We probably learn far more from each other than we can ever imagine and it is powerful when we realize that education is a two-way street and that we are all learning and growing together!
       I cannot deny the fact that it is harder than ever to be a teacher and it is getting even harder year after year but one thing for sure, the work I do, the challenges I face , the satisfaction I get every day enrich my life in so many ways. And most importantly in every peer we teach we can discover and raise unlimited potential! 
     A true example is the presentation of our project "Health and Education" which has shown the best in everyone of us! One other big thank you to such wonderful students. They are the reason I come to work every day. They make my life a joy. They challenge me, get me sometimes angry, but make me also laugh and give loads of love. Over the year, we inevitably make a difference in each other lives.
       Tackling the project, I would like to thank  Ms. Fehim and Ms. Mecirdi without whom our project wouldn't have been realized.
       These two great women  gave us of their time, resources and introduced us to young cancerous and visually impaired and blind youngsters. We discovered this invisible world to so many. We realized how amazing their attitude towards life just is. Their generous contribution erased their invisibility and went  beyond the visible for they provided inspiration and motivation sharing openly their lives. Their stories are touching beyond words because despite their disabilities, challenges, struggles, problems and pains ,they went far beyond what even they could ever imagine! I've always marveled Helen Keller's quote which says:" The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart", a powerful philosophy that applies so beautifully to our project, teaching and life.
       I would like to end by saying that if this award stands for anything , it stands for the united spirit in all of us even though it has my name on it.
                                                                   Amina Akmoun
                                                                      Teacher of the Year 2014
                                                                  Alkhawarizmi High School
                                                                              Oran, Algeria
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 « I'm very proud of you mom! You deserve it so so much!

Y our  hard work paid finally! As long as you work hard you'll have amazing moments to live like this one, and there will be many.  »

   Love from your daughter!

  Imène Hiba Akmoun



 To my dear friend and collegue Amina Akmoun
  When reading you moving words, i got breathless and i couldn't keep my tears.You are one among many teachers here in Oran who have devoted their entire life to  teaching "in silence", and who worked and collaborated with other teachers trully.You deserve the title not only as a teacher but as an admirable woman, so quiet and kind .
Again , my deep congratulations to you and to Mrs Brahimi too who has always been a hardworking teacher. I love both of you and by the way i don't find true words to thank  Mr Louznadji who has been all his life by our side,who makes us proud of being educators.
Millions of salutations
Nacera Sahraoui,
Hammou Boutlelis School, Oran
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