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Mrs.Touhami's Story


   We, educators, generally think that good school environment is closely linked to good management, good relationship, quality teaching and good equipment. We, unfortunately neglect some people who are working hard for the wellbeing of the school community.

   Mrs. Zohra Touhami is a retired woman of 61. She was commemorated for her loyal services on April 28, 2011; her birthday! She has devoted herself maintaining every space in the school tidy and clean.

   In this wonderful ceremony, the headteacher, Mrs. Hirech, described Mrs Zohra Touhami as the second headteacher for she knows every little space in the school. She said, “Mrs. Zohra Touhami, the second headteacher of the school, is energetically and diligently devoting herself to the school. She retired in the year 2010, but still she is the first at school and the last to leave. This brave woman is constantly looking for the comfort  of the school community, ready to serve upon discovery of the slightest need.”

   Mrs Zohra Touhami does not limit herself to good works that are easy, or get the most attention, or are her top favourites. She practises good works of all kinds. And I can safely assume that they are not all pleasant.

   John Wesley’s well-known quote expands nicely the work of Mrs. Zohra Touhami, “ Do all the good work you can, by all the means you can, in all ways you can, in all the places you can, at all times you can, to all people you can, as long as you can.”

     Once Mrs. Hirech had finished giving her touching and affective speech, she invited Mrs. Zohra Touhami on the stage to receive her gifts as gratitude and gratefulness for her loyal services to the school. At that moment, all the guests (supervisors, local authorities, school staff, parents as well as students stood up to congratulate this brave woman. The applause lasted for more than 3 minutes. She did not understand what was happening to her. She just raised her right hand and started waving shyly to the audience who did not stop giving a standing ovation.

    When she received the gifts that she could not carry, she shed tears of joy. We were all moved, and we all wanted to hug and thank her for her unwavering commitment to education.

    Mrs. Zohra Touhami’s story is a diary of sacrifice, devotion and loyalty to her job. She brings sunshine to the people around her. Her actions impact the school community of M’hadji Mohamed El Habib.

    I do believe that Mrs. Zohra Touhami outlook could be “Devotion to good works is life. Everything else does not count for her. Good works are what she is all about.”

     Thank you Mrs. Zohra Touhami, you actually made my day.

   May God bless you.

M. Louznadji

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