Teacher Story

Tears of Happiness

I would like to share with you an amazing story of a teacher of English:

Let’s call her Mrs. Rahma. Mrs. Rahma was in her first few years of teaching in a middle school where many of her students were from poor families. She had a quiet boy, (let’s call him) Yateem.  Yateem who was struggling to study, was living with his single mother in a run down apartment building. His father, who had left his mother a few years before, lived in the same neighborhood, but would ignore his son, acting as if he didn’t know him. Needless to say, this distressed Yateem and the impact of his father’s attitude  seemed to drive him even deeper into his shell. He had no confidence and his struggles at school added to his misery.       Mrs. Rahma worked as hard as she could to help Yateem to study, but things weren’t going very well.

Towards the end of the year, Mrs. Rahma succeeded in a high school teacher contest, and was asked to join the secondary education. It was very difficult for her to leave her students. Something was burning inside her as she was suffering thinking that she would not teach Yateem anymore.

One day after school, Yateem’s mother came to see Mrs. Rahma. “You have helped my son Yateem this year. Thank you.”

Mrs. Rahma nodded modestly.

You know Madam, “I worry for him. He told me you are leaving. If you would teach him again, I’m sure he would learn. I think he will disappear if he has to start again with a new teacher. I beg you Madam, please stay with my son. Teach him, he trusts you more than any other person.”

Mrs. Rahma went home that night and thought about the request of Yateem’s anxious mother. She understood the worries and fears of Yateem’s mother. She spent the night thinking: her professional life or Yateem’s future?

The next morning, Mrs. Rahma announced to her headteacher that she had decided to remain in her school. The headteacher was surprised, but felt great respect for Mrs. Rahma when he knew about the reason of her decision.

The next year went by quickly. Mrs. Rahma taught as best she could, always giving Yateem a bit of extra attention. She did a lot for this shy, frightened little boy. Two years later, Yateem went to study in a high school.

Seven years later, Mrs. Rahma was teaching at a school in another neighborhood. One day, as she was leaving her school to walk across the street to her car, she stumbled and dropped her bag, books, keys …

At that moment, two young men began helping her getting her stuff.   She sighed gratefully as one of the two men approached her with one of her books and a smile.

“Thank you, young man. Thank you so much,” she said.

Suddenly the young man’s smile disappeared. He murmured, “Mrs. Rahma?”

In an instant they both recognized each other. It was Yateem, straight and handsome. Without hesitation or self consciousness, they embraced.

“Yateem, you’re so big. You’re a man now.” Yateem beamed with happiness.

The second young man interrupted, “Excuse me, you…you are Mrs. Rahma?”

She looked at him, “Yes, I am, and do I know you?”

Yateem’s friend was very serious, “No, you don’t know me, Mrs. Rahma, but I know you. Last week, Yateem and I graduated from School of Interpreting. Yateem gave the inaugural speech in front of the whole school. He told us about a teacher named Mrs. Rahma that helped him, cared for him and inspired him. It was this teacher, Mrs. Rahma, to whom he owed all his success. Are you THAT Mrs. Rahma?”

She stood there looking at the two young men. She began crying very sweet tears of joy.

Yateem embraced her again and again, again and again; both crying with endless tears of gratitude and achievements…



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