Teacher Story

You Are The Greatest

   Do you know who the "greatest" educator on the planet today is? Think about it for a minute and don't read ahead...

   The greatest educator on the planet today is YOU!!! (Yes YOU, a supervisor, a teacher) If you have made a difference in the life of one single person on the planet, (and you have, I am sure), you are the greatest educator in the world. And - CONGRATULATIONS! How did you do it! Think about it; you have helped at least one student with one thing in their life and - you are VERY powerful in that regard!

    I read somewhere, that if you are 15 or 20 years old, you have already helped at least one person in the world. How empowering is that!!! Just imagine! And that's not all, by simply being "here" you have affected the lives of every single person you have ever interacted with, in unimaginable ways! Just imagine how many kids you have had to teach so far!! Can you imagine the number? Great number, isn’t it?  YOU are one hundred times greater! ( I am sure you can’t calculate because of the large and the number of classes you have had!)

    You are extremely powerful, the power you have, actually radiates from the body that you reside in now! Something as simple as a smile at one of your students or a warm greeting affects another, truly, for the rest of their lives, and by even spending an extra 10 minutes with a colleague helping him / her in preparing lessons, exams… You may have made the difference that day!

    You Know educators are doing a lot, but they are always blamed for one reason or another, unfortunately. They need to be praised for the work they have been doing.

    I can truly say that the knowledge I learned as a student, teacher and supervisor changed my life. This knowledge is a help everyday on my job. I am constantly learning. Teachers and colleagues instill in me a passion for teaching and supervising. They made learning fun. This is what true teaching-learning is all about.

     You know, I got inspired from my teachers. I know the value of teachers. This is why I want to say again and again THANK YOU for your hard work, devotion and commitment. GO AHEAD, our job is rewarding…


“Praise the bridge that carried you over.”

~George Colman

Why don't you take a second of your day

to say THANK YOU to teachers?